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"Själsdrift" is a word Kali received years ago and that has been a wonderful guideline since then: to be souldriven or gå på själsdrift or olla sieluvetoinen; to merge with one´s Higher Self, and with one´s Highest Self, and let them show the way is how we all are designed to live our lives.



The energies on Earth are ascending and we are moving towards a wonderful era of fifth dimensional living again. We are heading on a World where we all live from our heart, have a deeper understanding of the All and will do good for everyone - including our beautiful Planet and ourselves. At the same rhythm as the vibration of the Earth is rising, we are invited to work with her on her ascension path, and ourselves to be able to keep up with this change. This lifetime is a great opportunity of taking huge steps on our own Soul development, and as multifaceted and multidimensional beings we sometimes need a little bit help to move forward...











Working with ourselves is all about finding out what amazing beings we are! It is you getting to know You. It is seeing all parts of us, who we are and our lives: our dreams, visions, deepest dreams and our Soul plan. Life is full of wonderful ways of doing this and the more we work with ourselves, the easier it is for us to be in charge of our lives, to make it the way we deep inside want it to be. With the help of the tools the Divine has given to all of us we can smooth and ease this journey to be these better version of ourselves. 


About us

We have had several lifetimes together. In this life we met at a Crystal Healer - course, which was based on the fifth dimensional way of living, several years ago, We´ve been working closely together with our own Ascension paths since then. We feel truly blessed to have this beautiful connection with the Divine, which enables us to connect with and channel Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Beings from the Angelic realms. We cover different aspects of the spiritual world, which together creates a whole.















Ascension and Pair Soul Relationships (The highest form of human relationships on Earth right now, sometimes falsely confused with "Twin Flames"), Crystals and Golden Atlantis are close to our hearts and belong to our every day lives. As a Soul Pair Friendship - couple we have also missions which are meant to be done together by linking our energies and connecting to the Divine. At the moment one of them is to clear the energies and send pure White Light to the Northern Countries to raise their vibration. These sacred Soul Pair Friendships are here to speed up our way to the enlightenment and ascension here on Earth.



We feel blessed to have our Angels and Guides in our lives, overlighting this homepage and our work. Most likely it is one of them who brought you here as well! We are deeply grateful for their ever lasting love and guidance; it´s with their help we are able to serve this wonderful planet, teach and support people on their path. We are grateful for being a part of this change, as it allows all of us to grow and find out who we truly are. 


Wishing you wonderful Soul Journey!


Love & Light,

Kali & Elina


Book of Prayers


If you have wishes you would like to send to the Source with the help of loving Angels and Archangel Sandalphon, you are welcome to use the "Book of Prayers".


This is how to do it:


1. Sit down and breath for a while to relax; ground, shield and center yourself. Focus on your heart center and invoke your Guardian Angel to help you.


2. Phrase wishes you´d love to be sent to the Source. Your Angel will help you to do this if you need help. Use only positive words and thoughts.


3. Send your heart´s wish to the Book of Prayers energetically by visualising it to be written on the pages. Remember to sign your wishes. You can look at the picture above if it is easier for you to visualise it that way. 


4. Thank your Guardian Angel for helping you. Let go of the wishes and rest in the knowing that you have been heard as your wishes will be collected by the Angels and carried to the Source.

Remember that everything happens always in a divine timing for everyone involved. Know that only wishes from the pure heart reach the heavens, for everyone´s highest good.




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